Thursday, 2 August 2012

Laminate Fabric ~ Handmade Keyrings

I know I haven't been as regular with my blogging as I would like, don't you just wish life would slow down sometimes . . . but with the world we live in . . . that seems highly unlikely.

I have been able to sneak a little bit of craft and sewing into my days on the odd occassion and today I would love to share with you my latest project.

Recently on a trip to Spotlight I purchased some fabric with a difference - it has a laminate or plastic finish to it.  I have wanted to try making something with this for the longest time, but never found any fabrics in designs I really liked.  It was very exciting to find not only this type of fabric but also some lovely bright colours and styles, all of which I loved.  I did refrain and only bought a sampling of a few different ones - it is expensive and I wanted the chance to try it before I went to crazy with my shopping.

Here is what I bought ~

and ~

These colours and designs co-ordinate so well with many of my quilting fabrics - it was really quite exciting.  Something that can only be appreciated from one creative person to the next I'm sure!

Well this is what I have been making over the last week

. . . . . . Keyrings . . . . . . and I am loving them!!!!

I have been trying an amazing new stiffening product which I have used in the centres and these keyrings are very stiff and plastic coated, so they will be long wearing.  The thing I love about them is they are so pretty.

I have made a few for my Etsy Store.  If you have never visited before, please stop by for a visit and see some of the things I have enjoyed creating.

Now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine for a short time, it is a beautiful winter's day here . . . and have a cuppa with a good friend . . . perfect!!

Until next time, enjoy your crafting :)

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