Friday, 20 July 2012

Debbie Mumm - Quilt Designer Backgrounds

One of my all-time favourite designers in the world of quilting is Debbie Mumm.  I have loved her designs for many, many years and my home showcases quite a few of her designs which have been incorporated into homewares - teapots, dinnerware, cookie jars, books and fabrics in abundance.  Her designs have definitely inspired me over the years.

I was online visiting the Debbie Mumm Website today and checked out the latest assortment of desktop designs.  I was very excited to see that new ones have been added since I last checked them out.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my computer screen always has a Debbie Mumm design on it for the wallpaper background!

Check out some of these lovely designs!!

This next one has been my background for quite some time now

. . . up until today.  This is my new background.

I love that it reflects so much of what I like - quilting, pretty colours and lots of decorative bits and pieces.

I really like this one too . . . it inspires me to be creative just by looking at it.

This is only a small selection of the wonderful backgrounds available for your computer desktop from the Debbie Mumm Website.  Click on "desktops" and it will take you straight there.  There are simple instructions to follow for downloading, believe me - if I can do it, anyone can.  Best of all, they are free ~ Thank you Debbie Mumm!

While you are visiting the website take a look at all the free projects that are offered each month.  These projects are archived which means you can check out free projects from previous months too.  The assortment is huge, if you have never checked it out I would highly recommend it.  There are all types of craft, scrapbooking and quilting/sewing projects to keep you busy.

Here is one which caught my eye . . . a very handy sewing organizer which would be great hanging on the side of the sewing table.

Have fun visiting one of my favourite websites!

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