Friday, 3 August 2012

New Crafty Template

I was never quite settled on the look of my blog when I first set it up.  I did like it but I really hoped for something with more of a crafty look, something which also represented a style I loved.  I always feel that your creativity is an extension of who you are and my blog in it's own right is also a piece of who I am - so it makes sense that it represents me in some way.  Being a complete novice at all of this though meant my options were limited.  One thing I am learning is that blogging is definitely a learn as you go experience. 

Today I have been visiting many different websites with lots of different blog backgrounds and templates to choose from.  You seriously can spend hours doing this without even realizing it.  I was starting to feel like I really might have to find someone who can custom design something for me, but then I stumbled onto this website and I found the answer to my problems. 

Dani had a template which I loved right away and best of all, it represented the crafy aspect I wanted to incorporate into the look of my blog.  She has great instructions to follow for people who are a novice, like me.  I have even learned how to change fonts, colours etc.  It's all very exciting!!

So welcome to my new look blog everyone . . . hope you like it!!

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