Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Paris, France - Quilt Fabrics

Trends come and go, as we all know, but one of the latest decorating trends which incoporates a travel theme, in particularly Paris and the Eiffel Tower, has been something I have quite taken a liking to.  My oldest daughter was the first one to develop a liking for anything with the Eiffel Tower on it and I guess that is what first got me noticing things in the stores.  Now I seem to see things everywhere I go.

This is a glass Eiffel Tower which my daughter found at our local Riot Art & Craft Store.  It was under $5 and we filled it with red decorative sand which is very inexpensive and available from most discount stores - it comes in lots of great colours.

When it comes to trends, what is something that excites the serious crafter/quilter?  Well it has to be quilt fabrics of course!  When ordering my last lot of quilting fabrics, I found a lovely selection of fabrics to choose from which all have a Paris theme and feature the Eiffel Tower.

Aren't these all gorgeous fabrics?  I think I love the last one the most, it is extremely pretty with the Eiffel Tower on a background of roses.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these fabrics, I have a very limited amount for sale in my store and you can click on the link below the fabric you like which will take you direct to the page you can purchase from.

I have a few projects in mind which I plan to use some of these fabrics on, but for now I am just enjoying looking at them sitting on my desk.

I was shopping at Spotlight recently and they have a lovely new selection of sewing baskets available and guess what I found

It even matches one of the fabrics I have listed here.  If you like this then you will need to head to a Spotlight store quickly, these are so nice that I am sure they will sell fast.  They came in red too.

I hope you are enjoying your day.  I am about to go pick up my children from school and am really looking forward to going out into the warm sunshine - I love the winter weather we have where I live, it really isn't cold at all during the day - for the most part it is really pleasant.  We are very blessed.

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