Saturday, 25 August 2012

Learning to Crochet

I am learing to crochet - yah!!  It is the one craft that has eluded me my entire life and even though people always said it was so easy to do, I just never could get the hang of it.  I remember my mum crocheting when I was younger and she could make things so fast and with such ease.  I learned to knit at a younger age, but crochet just baffled me.

Well with the emergence of so many pretty embelishments for craft these days, among them the cute little crocheted flowers, I was deteremined to give it a try once again until I finally conquered  and learned how to crochet. 

When my mum visited me last year (we live in different States), she got me going with learning a few of the basic stitches.  If  we lived close by I would have learned all of this years ago I'm sure.  I didn't actually make anything but I did achieve a little knowledge which has stood me in good stead as I have since watched numerous tutorials on You Tube which teach you how to crochet.

The first stitch I learned from a tutorial was the Tunisan Crochet stitch - it reminds me very much of knitting and this was why I probably found it easy.  The thing that it really helped me with was gaining control over the crochet hook.

This is definitely easy to do and the tutorial I learned it from is found here.

What I have discovered I think that having something more definite crochet is a much easier way to learn and it keeps up the motivation and enthusiasm as you see something grow from your efforts.

The following zig-zag style was something I wanted to try making and after speaking with my mother-in-law, she obtained a pattern from a friend and got me started.  This is my progress so far.

I am not using expensive yarn as I learn, but I did go and buy a variety of colours to make my first crocheted rug with.  I love looking at all the colours!

This is very much a learn as I go project, I've made plenty of mistakes and gained confidence as I've gone along.  I love that I can undo a mistake easily and crochet it again quite quickly.  I've only been doing this for a little over a week and usually only as I sit in the car waiting for school to finish in the afternoons, but it is slowly growing and starting to look like something

I am loving this - it is so much fun - especially the creating with all these gorgeous colours!!

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