Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dot Markers

Have you ever heard of Dot Markers?  I had only ever seen them in school supplies catalogues.  I've been planning lists of resources and activities for our Playgroup and these were one of the things I thought the children would have lots of fun with.

Last weekend we went to visit our local Riot Art & Craft Store and found Dot Markers there and they were on sale too - what a bonus!! 

I bought some of these for Playgroup and we went home and tried them out, making a few sample pictures so that the mums and children could see how they work.

you can make pictures using the dots

and nice patterns too

The colours are vibrant and fun to use

My children had such fun with these Dot Markers, from the oldest to the youngest.  We ended up going back the next day and buying some for us to have at home too!

We used them this week at Playgroup and the children loved them - even those who don't naturally gravitate towards art & craft activities enjoyed the Dot Markers.  They are chunky and not too long, so very manageable for little hands to use.  They were a relatively mess free activity too.

Riot Art & Craft stores sell Dot Marker in kits also.  You do need to check them though.  I noticed that the dot size on some of the kit markers is only half the size of the ones you buy individually.  I preferred the individual option because it was a larger dot and I was able to choose the colours I wanted, buying multiples too.  With the sale price, it worked out a little cheaper than the actual kit price did anyway.  The only colour I didn't buy was black because it looked more like a murky green colour on paper and not a clear black.

If you are looking for a new craft activity for your children, I highly recommend Dot Markers!!

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