Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Washi Tape Handmade Cards

Let me share with you one of my new found "craft" loves . . . . . Washi Tape

I know it has been around for ages, but I'm a little slow catching on with this trend.  I bought a small collection of tapes at the recent craft fair I attended and have been having a little fun creating handmade cards with Washi Tape.

The colour combinations look great together

I couldn't believe how quickly a pretty card could be made, all with just strips of tape and a sticker or two.  I really like the texture of the washi tape as well.

This card is made using the same tapes as the first one, just in a different order.  The shading is done with a regular stamping ink and a paintbrush.

I have definitely had some fun trying out my new washi tapes . . . and I know I am quite eager to add to my collection of colours and patterns.  I already have a bit of an obsession with ribbons, so this is a bit of a dangerous find for me, these are just a new form of ribbon for me to use!!!
Please let me know if you know of a good place to buy washi tape, somewhere that has a good variety of colours and patterns and has reasonable prices.  I would be very grateful.

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