Thursday, 25 October 2012

Craft Show Quilt Display

As promised, I will share with you some of the amazing quilts which were on display at the craft and quilt show which I recently attended.  There were so many wonderful quilts, lots of different styles and categories and colours.

I always have loved Baltimore style quilts, have never actually attempted to make one, but definitely do admire all the work in them.

This one was really pretty, it caught my eye with all the gorgeous flowers and blue birds.

The work in this quilt was amazing!

This quilt was voted best at the show and it was outstanding - the hours that must have gone into it, the stitching and even the colour choices of the fabrics made it a real work of art. The photo does not do it justice in the least. I could picture this on a beautiful antique bed, it has that old world vintage charm about it. I must admit I stood there admiring this one for quite a long time.

Something a little more modern in style - I am very partial to hearts, so really liked this one. I could picture it on my oldest daughter's bed.

Doesn't this look spectacular!

And then there is the red & white section of the quilt show

There were literally rows and rows of quilts, all made in red and white.  It looked quite spectacular to see so many all together like that.

The last quilt I just had to take a photo of, especially for the cat lovers in my family and extended family!

It was a great showcase of quilts, hundreds of them, displaying the quality workmanship of so many talented quilters.  What a wonderful day - admiring so many beautiful quilts, craft shopping and demonstrations and workshops - it would have been great to spread it out over a couple of days!!

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