Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paisley Hand Stamped Cards

I've had a few photos from our card making session during the school holidays which I have finally had a chance to download today to be able to share with you.  We usually make sure we have a big card making day at least once during each of the school holidays because we all enjoy it so much.  With all our other commitments and responsibilities we don't always get a chance to do it during the school term, so it is really nice to enjoy a fun, relaxing and crafty day together with the children and other family or friends.
I really seem to gravitate towards paisley designs, I have no idea why, so when I discovered this stamp set awhile ago, it had to join my growing collection of stamps!!  I was quite eager to try out, so basically used just this set of stamps on the day. 

I figured I wouldn't really use the wording of the stamps, but I loved the actual designs. For these cards I used the same two larger paisley stamps and just varied the looks of the cards.

I enjoyed using all the soft pastels in this one

Variations of one of my favourite colour combinations in greens and pinks

Anything done in shades of aqua always looks so good. 
I was sad when I accidentally smudged the liquid pearls I had used as a textured highlight.  Oh well, it is still nice and before I go to use it I know I can fix it up and just go over the liquid pearls again in that spot.

Lastly, this card was made using another stamp set which I have written about before here.  It was my final card for the day.  I do regret not mounting it like I would normally do, it gives a better end product.

This week we are off to the annual craft and quilt fair - which is always the best fair to go to during the year.  I'm looking forward to seeing lots of amazing quilts, learning lots of new techniques from workshops, discovering new craft ideas and seeing what new craft products are on the market . . . . and no doubt a little bit of shopping will be happening too.  I can't wait!!


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