Thursday, 18 October 2012

Handmade Parisian Wall Canvas - Eiffel Tower Theme

What a week!  It's one of those kinds of weeks where you feel like you have a month's full of activities but it all takes place in the space of a single week.  Do you ever have those?   It's all been good though. 

We have had a birthday celebration in our family and one of my latest craft projects, which I have been keeping hidden away, can now be revealed.

My attempt at some canvas wall art, all with a Parisian theme

They are all similar, so they co-ordinate, but lots of different details.  The Eiffel Tower is much loved by the recipent and so it is a prominent feature in them all.

The backgrounds are made using scrapbooking card stock, cut up and arranged in a collage effect.

The flowers were all neutral and I coloured them to match using my copic pens.  I've also coloured the wording pieces I had to stick on with the copic pens.

The stickers were made from vinyl and everything has been coated with a product which is much the same as mod podge, so it seals it all and gives it a protective covering which makes it easier to wipe over and remove dust.
I loved the pearl "bling" which I used in a champagne colour and also black - they added the perfect finishing touch to the completed canvas.
The sides of the canvases have been covered in a co-ordinating coloured braid which finishes them off nicely.
These took me awhile to make, but they were so much fun to do and because I knew exactly the style, colours, etc that would be appreciated by the person I was making it for, it really made things easy.
I found a big box which also had an Eiffel Tower theme, so the perfect way to package up the gift. 
For me, the greatest joy was to see the big smile on the face of the recipient when they were opened!!

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