Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Quilt & Craft Show

Well I did get to go along to the Quilt and Craft Show and had a lovely day there with my oldest daughter and my mother-in-law.   There were so many great products on display and some really informative workshops to sit in on and learn new crafting tips.  We did enjoy one hands-on workshop where we made a card using techniques which involved distress inks and water brushes.  You can see that my card looks a bit like it had a little too much water . . . but I don't mind . . . next time I will know what to do better.

I am always on the look-out for new stamps when I go to the craft shows.  It is the once place, other than online shopping, where you can find a bit more variety.  Here are the stamps I came home with.

I was so pleased with all of them and can't wait to try them out!

I picked up a few pretty stickers.  I tend to stamp designs in preference to using stickers when I'm making cards, but every now and again I get lazy when I need to make a card quickly for someone, so these are great to have on hand for times like that.

When I did the card making workshop, which didn't cost me anything I forgot to add, they also gave me this cute set of rub-ons as a gift, along with a $20 gift voucher to use when ordering from their catalogue.  Don't you just love that?!!! 

My other great find for the day was Washi Tape.  I have wanted to try this out for so long but had never seen it in pretty colours which inspired me, until now.  It was so hard to choose only a few rolls, there were so many more that I loved!  I wish our local scrapbooking store would stock it, but then again, perhaps it is better that they don't have it because I know I would want to add to my collection and bring in a few more colours.

I ended up choosing my favourite colours, I always tend to gravitate to these colours in my papercrafts especially.
This was the first time I think I can ever remember going to a craft show and not coming home with some fabric.  It almost felt strange not to have any.  I did find one new lot of fabrics which I totally fell in love with but they were so expensive and I didn't feel I could justify spending so much money on fabric when it would only go home to sit in my stash for now.  I buy all my quilting fabrics online and from overseas, so with such a broad range of fabrics to choose from by doing that, I certainly don't miss out on keeping my fabric supplies built up.
I have a lot of photos of the beautiful quilts on display at the show, but I will save those for another post.  All up, it was a really fun day!!

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