Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lalaloopsy Craft Birthday Party

This past week my days have been consumed with party preparations.  I have always been a big advocate for home birthday parties - maybe because I can remember having them when I was young and now I enjoy creating those childhood memories for my own children. 

My third child is very creative and loves anything that is crafty, so it came as no surprise to me that she wanted a craft party for her birthday. She also loves Lalaloopsy Dolls and wanted a Lalaloopsy party too - and as all mothers will know - in our younger children's minds we can do anything - so I definitely had a challenge set before me.  Where would I be without the internet?!!

I did actually have a lot of fun making everything up ~ the little Lalaloopsy dolls are very cute!

We were able to make our own Lalaloopsy Party Invitations

and Party Favour Bags

and even party accessories.  We also printed up big pictures to use for decorations.  So it definitely looked like a Lalaloopsy Party.  The Birthday Girl loved it, so that is what counts!  

For games we did the always popular pass the parcel, a button guess game, some musical games and we also made our own game version of pin the tail on the donkey and instead it was “Pin the bow on the Lalaloopsy Doll” which was fun for the girls.  We alternated between games and crafts which gave me a little extra set-up time in between, ready for the next activity.

Now for the crafty side of things - and I must say that this is getting easier as the girls get a little older - you are able to do things that require a bit more concentration and care.  Most of the girls were around 8/9 years of age.  As far as buying supplies goes, most of it I do from home.  Online shopping is just brilliant, I would be so lost without it!

First up the girls all made their own decorated jewellery/trinket boxes

We had pre-painted the boxes with different metallic coloured paints.  Then there was a table full of decorative pieces and lots of sparkly bling - the girls spent a long time working on these.  All were very different by the end and just gorgeous.

After making jewellery boxes - of course they had to make some jewellery to go inside!

Firstly they all made bottle-cap necklaces.  Again the girls had a huge selection of pictures to choose from so they could individualize their necklaces to their own style.  We had lots of Lalaloopsy dolls for these too.  The necklaces were so simple to make and didn't take long at all.  The bottle-caps are inter-changeable, so they can swap them around and wear whichever one they want.

Next they all made button rings.  These were a little more fiddly, but very, very popular!  I was so grateful that I had ordered extra supplies of the rings and the girls didn't stop until we ran out.  Again, they had plenty of buttons to choose from - I have quite an extensive collection, so lots of colours and even novelty and sparkly buttons.  They produced some lovely rings and it was fun to see their different styles coming out with what they made.

and there were plenty of regular beads just for having some fun!

All the girls had a great time, it was fun to watch them all being creative, interacting with one another and enjoying their friendships - which of course was helped by the fact that they all knew one another.  My girls certainly enjoyed the birthday party and were tired by the end of the day.

I have more to share but think that I will save those things for my next  post.


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  2. I came across this post on Pintrest, and I LOVE it! You did a great job! I'd love to know more detail about how you did the necklaces. Did you get the bottle caps with magnetic backs on them? Did you just use mod podge to keep the pictures on?

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