Monday, 4 June 2012

Birthday Cakes and Decorations

Tonight I thought I'd share the rest of my creative birthday party ideas.  I love searching on Pinterest and finding great new ideas I want to try.  When it comes to parties, the ideas are endless!  So here are a few of the things I made for my daughter's party. 

First up was a lollipop topiary tree.  This was just something fun I wanted to try and the party guests all enjoyed it.  If you ever make one, just a word of caution, it is quite top heavy and needs to be weighted down at the bottom to stop it from falling over.  I forgot to take photos of this until later, so the popular red lollipops had already been long gone!  It was great item to have at the end of the party because this provided plenty of extra lollipops to share with siblings of party guests as our guests were leaving.  It does look a little lop-sided here, after all the handling it received.

Next was my first attempt at giant tissue paper pom-poms.  I love the look of these and it was a nice change from having the usual balloons.  These too are actually quite heavy when hanging, so they needed to be well secured.  Making a few and hanging together creates a lovely effect.

The week leading up to the party I was shopping in Target and came across a set of cake tins especially for baking cake pops.  These seem to be the latest trend and I had helped to make some last year for a school function, but those were done with a lengthly process which included molding the cake pops by hand.  I was actually very excited when I found these cake tins and quite easily talked myself into the fact that they were quite a good investment for my kitchen because I knew that I would make these plenty of times for parties and functions over the years ahead.  I used my trusty chocolate cake recipe and the cake pops came out of the tins perfectly.  The decorating was kept very simple, just dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. 

Again, I forgot to take a photo of the stand I had filled with cake pops, all packaged up and ready to send home with our guests.  They looked like a cute bouquet of flowers!  The cake part is actually quite large, I would guess slightly larger than a golf ball . . .and very delicious!

The birthday cake request was for a Lalaloopsy cake, but to be honest, I just ran out of time.  The cake itself was a layered pink rainbow, each layer ranging from lighter to darker.  The icing was quite a disaster which is why you can only see the top of the cake.  It reminded me of a pink mud slide and almost had me in tears.  In the end I walked away telling myself not to stress, it was after all, only a cake . . . . with some of my daughter's Lalaloopsy dolls on the top.

So this marks the end of the birthday prearations for a few months - until the next birthday comes along!!

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