Thursday, 14 June 2012

Little Girls Quilt - Raggedy Friends

Last night I had the opportunity to spend the evening catching up with my brother - something we don't often get to do as we live in different States.  His job brings him to Queensland every so often and we try to take advantage of that and get together when we can.  On this trip he played courier for my mum and brought a very exciting parcel for me.  Well, to be more precise, the parcel wasn't technically for me, it was for my youngest two girls - but I was every bit as excited as they were. 

Here is what was inside ~

Matching quilts (to co-ordinate beds because the girls share a room) - definitely a treasured gift from Grandma to her grand-daughters. 

The fabrics used were all Moda Faded Memories - the colour palette is just gorgeous.  You can't help but love the cute little raggedy girls when you see them, they are adorable!  This second photo was taken at night, not a true representation of the colours, but shows the detail a little better.  The quilts have different backing fabrics as well as a gift label, so easily identifiable by their new owners.

Thanks Mum, you did a brilliant job - these quilts are more than wonderful!!!

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