Monday, 28 May 2012

Decorative Tins & Boxes

I have a bit of an obsession for pretty tins and containers for storing things.  In my ideal world of a well organized craft room I would love to have these types of things on display so that they could be admired as well as be functional for storage.  With any type of sewing or crafts you tend to have so many bits and pieces to store and often you don't want something very big to store those things in - that is where little tins and boxes coming in very handy.

It's been fun looking online at what is around.  It would be great if places to purchase were tagged to the pictures I've found.  But maybe not, it would be too tempting to want to buy if they were too easily accessible!

I really love Cath Kidston designs - they are so pretty and feminine and are exactly my kind of style.  This set shown above is beautiful, especially in my favourite colour of pink.

I thought these stacking boxes were really pretty too.  The lace and buttons give them a vintage feel.  

One of my daughters loves op-shopping and we called in today to visit the op-shop which is run by our church.  I came away quite excited with my little purchase for the day!

Tucked away in the back of one of the shelves was this vintage tin - I loved the roses and ribbons  and the colour scheme too.  It was too lovely to leave behind and I have lots of things that could be stored in this sized tin.  So it was a great find!!

The other thing I bought recently came from a local discount store.  The store had a new shipment of boxes in and the colours and patterns caught my eye straight away.  Needless to say a few of these came home with me too.

Amazing what you find in the most unexpected places!

Over the last year or two most of the storage or stationery accessories for my office/craft room have been in pink - I love it that everything co-ordinates nicely.


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