Tuesday, 8 May 2012

School Fetes

Our annual school fete is coming up next weekend and ever the faithful mum (well I try to do my part), I have volunteered my time and resources - probably more than what I realised.  When you put something down on paper you don't realise the time commitments until reality hits, and that is where I am at this week!!

It's all good though.   At this stage in my life I am very blessed to be in a position where I can volunteer and be involved in my kids' school and in their lives.  They are always so excited when it is fete time of the year :)

So here is a little of what I have been up to this week.

Do you remember when I shared I was making these back over the Easter weekend?  Well I have made a lot more of them since then and made them into these . . .

There are hair clips and headbands, lots of bright and pretty colour combinations.  Some are single flower yo-yo's (or suffolk puffs) and some are doubles.  It was fun dying the elastic for the bands into co-ordinating colours.  I love experimenting with the dyes and one of my young daughters was such a great help with doing this , she loves it every bit as much as me. 

I have a collection of these to donate to the school fete for the craft stall and I have also put a few of them over into my Etsy store to sell as well, you can find them listed here at RaspberrySwirls.

One idea I came up with was using the headband as a bookmark.  It is absolutely brilliant as a bookmark!  I will never had to worry about my bookmark falling out (which happens lots when you having little people in your home).  Since I started using one of these cute flower elastics as a bookmark I have not lost my page yet.  So they really are a dual purpose item and look very cute on the book too.

Aldi had the best things out this past week for Mother's Day and I couldn't resist buying myself this cute journal.  I really love these gorgeous little babushka dolls, in fact I admit I am a little obsessed with them when it comes to crafty things and put them onto a pink background (my favourite colour), well it just had to come home with me.  The fact that I am a bit of a journal lover anyway means it won't go to waste.

The rest of my week will be helping to set up for the giant trash 'n' treasure which is always a monumental task in the fete preparations.  Then comes the baking of cupcakes and other tempting sweets for the cake stall.  I must remember to visit there first this year as all the best things sell out very fast.

By Sunday I will be exhausted and looking forward to a relaxing day and maybe I will be in luck as it will be Mother's Day!!!

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