Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mother's Day and beyond . . .

I hope those of you who are mothers all had an enjoyable Mother's Day celebration!  I loved being able to spend the day with my husband and children - time together is always special and something we should never take for granted.

My kids did spoil me with some lovely gifts.  The younger three did their shopping at the mother's day gifts and craft stall at the school fete.  I love pretty things around my home, even if they do collect dust.  I look beyond that and enjoy the fact that they are an extension of who I am and reflect my personality and make our home feel warm and inviting.  I loved the two ornaments the kids gave me especially - one says "Home is where Mum is" and the other has the "Mum - Love, Guidance, Shopping" all are things I enjoy doing as part of being a Mum. The other things were a bookmark - because I am always reading, a pink pen - because pink is my favourite colour of course and two candles - because I am crazy about candles and you can never have too many of those!

My older daughter knows my taste in things so well and she gave me a gorgeous gift - I absolutely love it!!

I also received this beautiful tin filled with some lovely make-up and nail polishes.  So all up I was very spoiled with gifts.  Some of my favourites though were the pictures and cards which the kids made themselves, those are the things I put away to treasure for always.

Well after a busy week preparing for our school fete last week and sorting donated items for the giant trash 'n' treasure for 4 days straight, I think I can well and truly say that I am over other people's junk!  I was totally amazed at the people lining up to come in for the start of the fete and eager to get inside to the trash 'n' treasure.  It was honestly like watching a stampede of people racing in like they do at the big store sales - I guess everyone loves a bargain.

This week my week started off with me going along on my youngest daughter's school excursion as a parent helper.  I've never been on a Prep excursion before - it was exhausting, but such a fun day.  We went to Trevena Glen Farm and the kids all had a wonderful time riding horses, milking cows, bottle feeding lambs and calves and even a pig and holding baby chickens.  Here is my daugher dressed up as a cowgirl!

I loved the fact that every child had the opportunity to experience everything, not just one or two picked out of the group.  They even went for a hay ride in a trailder pulled along by a tractor.

There were lots of smiling faces and lots of weary children (and adults) on the bus ride home! 

After another busy day at Playgroup today I think the rest of my week needs to be spent on my much neglected housework and laundry (which piles up when you are never at home) and I am in much need of some relaxation - which translates into "craft time".

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