Friday, 9 March 2012

Sunny Days and Quilts to Admire

Today was such a beautiful day!  I couldn't resist stopping on the way home from running errands this morning and taking some photos of our local beach. 

We are very blessed to live only 5 minutes from the beach and on days like today I can't help but feel very thankful to be close enough to the sea to enjoy such beautiful surroundings. 

While out this morning I did call in to visit a local store which sells all sorts of fabrics, mostly curtain or upholstery type fabrics but they do also stock a small amount of quilting fabrics which are really inexpensive.  They are usually the type of fabric that you would never choose to make a quilt top from though.  Never the latest or popular colours or styles of quilting fabric.  I mostly use their fabrics to do the backings on my quilts if I can get a colour which blends in with the front of the quilt.  Today I was pleasantly surprised though to find this fabric in the store!

I actually really liked it - both the retro flower type design and also the various shades of aquas and browns.  I can seriously imagine making something with this one! 

I've been finishing off a quilt today, just doing the final stippling and binding.  I'm really pushing myself to get it done because I'm very eager to get started on a new quilting project!   Searching the internet for new quilt designs is so much fun . . . and I must say it races away with time!  Here is one of the many that I came across which I really liked.

And here is another . . .

and one more . . .

All of these gorgeous quilts are all made from patterns and tutorials by Kellie Wulfsohn of
Don't Look Now. Her style and her designs rate up very highly among my favourites - and what is best of all, she is one of our very talented Australian Designers.

I've never yet made a quilt featuring plain white , but I do plan to incorporate this into my next quilt.  I love the look of bright, fresh colours against the white and have admired so many quilts made by others like this.  It is about time I gave it a try!!

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