Friday, 16 March 2012

Our Creative Day

I'm a busy mum with 4 children, so trying to find time to enjoy my favourite crafty pursuits is often a challenge, to say the least.  This week I have had my youngest, who has just started Prep this year, at home sick for a couple of days.  Today she was feeling slightly better, enough that she wanted some activities to do, so we worked side by side, each doing a bit of creative play - hers with magnetic foam squares and mine with fabric squares and my sewing machine!!

Here is a cute dolphin picture which my little girl made.  This has been one of the best craft toys I purchased for my children from Kmart, a few years ago now.  It comes with a large magnetic board (almost A3 in size), a big box full of magnetic foam cubes and about 20 different picture patterns to make.  So easy for young ones to do, they just follow a colour code pattern and place the squares on a template.  It is a great activity for rainy days, holidays or even days at home when not feeling well.  It has certainly been well used in our home, by all ages, definitely dollars well spent!!

Well back to my creativity today . . . and this is something which I started cutting up fabric squares for when I had a few spare moments earlier in the week, or it may have even been last weekend, who knows . . . the weeks go so fast!

Firstly, I started with these gorgeous fabrics.  I fell in love with these aqua blue shades and couldn't resist them. They are from a Riley Blake collection called Sugar & Spice. I really like flowers and paisley designs, and these fabrics incorporated both.

Next I set to work cutting up 3" squares.  This is just a few of the many squares I cut.  As you can see, I decided to team up the aqua blue fabrics with plain white for a nice fresh look and am really liking the combination.

Sewing has begun and it will be a slow and lengthly process.  I've not decided just how big I want to make this quilt yet, so will work on a lap size and see if I like that, if not I can extend it as I go.

After a few hours of sewing, my pile of these is starting to grow

I will share more photos as this quilt starts to take shape.  For now I will leave you guessing as to what the finished block designs will be.  I am really enjoying working on this quilt though.  I like the challenge of putting a design together.

Hope your day has included some enjoyable creative time too!

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