Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Owls, Owls and More Owls

I really love some of the adorable Owl designs that are very popular at the moment.  I must admit that I really didn't know just how popular they were until I recently joined Pinterest and started coming across them everywhere - it seems like many of you out there love them just as much as I do!

Well I have tried my hand at making a few different variations of owls.  First was a cute little toy design I made up and I was so pleased with it that I have one sitting on my desk and have even been known to use it as a pincushion. 

Because this little owl turned out so well, the next thing was to make up a cushion using the same design in the form of an applique.   Inspiration came when my daughter had to make some type of cushion for her Home Economics class and wanted to do an owl applique which would go with her bed linen. 

Together we came up with a cute bolster cushion design.  We dyed our own laces in varigated colours to match the fabrics of the cushion and owl.  Although we designed it together, my daughter had to do all the work herself at school.  She made a beautiful cushion and won the admiration of the teachers for her hard work.  In fact, she even took along some of our dyes to school to teach her teachers how to dye the laces - they had a fun time doing that and she thought it was great to be teaching her teachers something - role reversal!!

Since the original cushion design, which was made up in pink, I've made up quite a few more cushions in different colours, some of which are for sale in my Etsy store RaspberrySwirls.

And of course owls are a big part of my papercraft collection too - this cute little Owl stamp is one of my most favourites and gets used regularly.

Searching the internet has opened my eyes to the many other ways people use owl designs.  I've seen some amazing birthday cake designs and some adorable cake pops and of course lots of cute cookies too.  I found these ones which I loved here: Owl Cookies

You can imagine how my creative ideas are running wild with all this new found Owl inspiration - I just love it!!!

And now on to some fun things ~  totally Owl unrelated ~but fun just the same.   Who doesn't love a fabric giveaway?!! 

Well I have found one with the most gorgeous fabrics which I want to tell you about.  Moda have a great fabric range called "Hullaballo" by Urban Chicks - so many possibilities spring to mind when I just look at the fabrics.

So if you are interested in entering a giveaway for 3 of these great Moda Charm Packs, visit And Sew We Craft and join in this very generous giveaway which Amy has running.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. I have done a couple of owl projects and yours are very cute. Thanks for commenting on my give-away. Did you know you come up as a "no-reply" blogger? On your profile page you can enter an e-mail address so if you win, we can contact you that way. Otherwise, they may not take the time to find your blog : ) Have a great day.

  2. Hi Carla, Thanks so much for letting me know. I replied to you via email :) Karen