Sunday, 26 February 2012

Handmade Cards

I love being creative - so taking time out of my day to work on any type of craft is something I always enjoy. 

Having always been an avid lover of stationery, it will come as no surprise that I enjoy stamping and papercrafts - including scrapbooking and cardmaking.  In recent years I seem to have concentrated mostly on cards though, simply because they are quicker and easier to do (at least for me) and with time constraints always an issue, I just find them something I can pick up and work on relatively easily and have a finished product by the time I am ready to pack things away.  They bring a sense of satisfaction which fulfills some of my creative energy.  I still enjoy my longer projects too, but tend to keep these more to the fabrics crafts.

Here are a few of my latest cards.  I think they actually look better in real life, the pictures don't do them justice.  But at least it gives you an idea.

I love some of the popular owl designs which are around at the moment.  This cute little owl stamp is one I purchased through Kaszazz.  I coloured him in metallic colours and was quite pleased with the end result.

Bears are always a favourite, so cute and can be adaptable for so many occasions when it comes to using them in card making designs.

We have had a couple of birthday parties to attend this week for little girls, so a few more cute cards were added to my growing collection.  Pink is my favourite colour, so I always enjoy making cards for little girls where I can incorporate lots of pink!!

As well as making items for our own personal use, I have an etsy store also where I sell some of my handmade craft items.  You can find it here RaspberrySwirls.

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