Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In my little part of the world it is now school vacation time and we have just been away on a camping trip as a family over the Easter long weekend.  We went with a group of friends and had such an enjoyable time together. The best part was that when you stay in a place like this which is so peaceful, it forces you to just stop and take a break from the usual frantic pace of life.  I really needed that! 

While sorting out my photos today on my computer I have come across some quilts which I have made but don't think I have ever shared with you - so I thought it might be a nice opportunity to do that today.
I really love the simplicity of this design.  It is called a Disappearing Nine Patch.  Made with 9 squares of fabric sewn into a block (3 rows of 3 joined together), then the finished square is cut into quarters, straight down the centre, horizontally and vertically. All you do then is rearrange the squares and you get this neat combination.  It makes the quilt look more complex than it actually is.

I fell in love with the Moda Charisma fabrics by Chez Moi when they were around quite awhile ago but couldn't think of a quilt design that would show them off nicely, until I came across this.  What I liked was that even with a collection of very busy looking fabric prints, it still looks great.
Here is another version of the same style quilt, this time made with Moda Nature's Chorus by April Cornell.  Again, these fabrics were around quite awhile ago.  I will often buy fabrics I see and love then put them away until I can the perfect use for them.
So if you are looking for an easy afternoon or evening of sewing a quilt, then why not give this quilt pattern a try.  To make it even easier, all you need are 2 packs of the Moda pre-cut Charm Squares and you won't even need to cut out the squares to begin with.  It really is that easy!!

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  1. I stumbled across your blog, and found it so funny, that I had just used my charisma charm packs for the disappearing nine patch too. I am looking for more of this fabric, but so far I can't find anymore. I was able to make 9 squares so far. Love your blog