Sunday, 21 April 2013

Crafty Cupcakes & Clipboard Folders

My weeks have been busy creating crafts lately and I know I haven't been regular enough with my blogging - but I'm finding there are only "so many" hours in a day and I'm not able to accomplish everything I would like to sometimes, including my blog updates.  This next month is going to be crazy for me while I prepare crafts and run craft workshops for our upcoming school fete, so please be patient with me.  I will try and update you with my craft stall ideas as I go along.
Here is something I finished off today.  These cute little cupcakes are one of the items we will be selling.  They are made by using a facewasher, folded up to resemble the shape of a cupcake.  This is placed into a silicone cupcake holder and then decorated with coloured pins to represent the sprinkles and instead of a cherry on top - I have little rose bud flowers. 

I think they look quite cute and wouldn't they make a lovely little gift for someone!

This is closer photo to show you the detail.

I've also been shopping and picked out some great corduroy fabrics which are ready to be sewn into heat bags.  These are always a very popular selling item and we make them in all shapes as sizes to suit everyone.

Another project I have been working on is decorating clipboard folders.  These are all done using my papercraft supplies.  This is my first attempt at ever working with Mod Podge so I'm finding I am learning the best techniques to use with it as I go.  I've also used a sealer spray to finish everything off, I like this better rather than just leaving the Mod Podge as the sealer on top.

These started out as plain wooden clipboards.  I'm loving the colours!

Well that is about all that I have actually taken photos of at the moment. This week I am starting to work on decorating some canvases.  That should be fun!!

Have a great week everyone!

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