Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Crafts to Make and Sell

Right now my life is totally consumed by craft! If I'm not busy making something for the upcoming school fete, then I am packing it and thinking of the next thing on my list of things to make.  It has been constantly like this for the last few weeks.  Thankfully I love to be creative, so it is a pleasant type of being busy.

Here is something I have been working on which is such an easy craft - bead magnets.

I made these using some glass beads I found in the garden section of a discount store, so they were very inexpensive.  Using a circle punch, I just punched out a cute picture for my magnet.  You could just trace around the bead and cut if you didn't have a circle punch.  The next step is to use a little Mod Podge and cover the back of the bead, place the picture right side down onto the back of the bead.  In case you are worried, the Mod Podge does not ruin the picture at all and it dries completely clear.  Leave these to dry.  Once dry use your craft glue to stick a magnet to the back and you are done.  So simple and you end up with some very cute magnets!!

Here are some close-up pictures

I've been working on some pretty hair clips too. 

I know it's being a bit fussy, but I do believe presentation does help to sell,
 so I've tried to package everything to look pretty.

Here is a basket of some of the hair clips, all packed and ready to sell. 
We have a few more styles to add to these.

I cannot take all the credit for everything that is being made for our craft stall.  I have been running a fun craft workshop one day each week at the school, where a few other ladies have volunteered their time to make things up to sell as well.  It is always fun to work together in a group!

One very talented lady has done lots of sewing for us - bags in all shapes and sizes.  One other very cute item she has made is this cute little bear in a bed.
A few of us have been busy sewing up heat bags.  I really like this style of making them with 3 separate panels.  It distributes the filling (rice) more evenly and stops it all going to one end, which means it is much more effective when heating and using it.  It actually stays in place too when you use it, rather than sliding off or down because of the weight of the contents all going to one end. 

We are putting a few drops of lavender oil into some of them,
then leaving the rest of them fragrance free.

Another lady has hand-stitched these beautiful Lavender bags.  The care she has put into each stitch really shows, she even has co-ordinating purple gingham on the back with a handmade gingham button.  

These are amazing and look like something you would expect to find
in some fancy gift boutique store.

While the night is still young I am off to make myself a cup of tea and get busy making some earrings and more hair accessories.  I have more photos to share but will save them for next time.  I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of craft and creativity this week!


  1. So glad that I found your blog. You have some super cute items! Love the magnets and the heat pads. If you have time, I would love to know how to make the heat pads!!!

  2. Ellen, I have just written a new blog post to explain how to make the heat bags - they are so easy to do, hope you have fun sewing some!