Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Craft Stall - School Fete Update

Well this post has been a long time coming, it has been such a hectic month for me.  For those of you who may not have read my other blog entries, I have been busy running a craft stall for our annual school fete.  As I look back, I have learned so much and my confidence grew along the way.  From sourcing ideas for craft items to make (thanks to Pinterest) which we hoped would be popular and would sell well, to running craft workshops with helpers to make everything, and then the actual set up of the craft stall on our school fete day.  Overall it was a huge success, with an enormous effort by a lovely group of ladies who so generously gave of their time - none of whom I knew before, but now all of whom I consider new friends.

So, besides the craft items I have shared with you before,  here is a brief summary of some of the other things we made to sell.

Extra Large Magnetic Pegs - perfect to pin up things on the fridge!
Canvas wall art. 
Anything with Owls or a Paris/Eiffel Tower theme sold very quickly!!
Magnetic Post-It Note Pads
Handbag Cards with Soap inside
Lots of pretty Heat Bags

Cookie Cutter Pincushions

Lots of decorative word art

Handmade Cards, Cupcake Pincushions and
lots of pretty Bunting - this was popular!

Beautiful Floral Decoupage  & Painted Wooden Coat Hangers,
Crochet Flower Clips and Hats

Crochet Hanging Tea Towels - a lady makes these every year and
they sell so well,  always very popular. 
This year she made over 50 of them!

Lots of different types of bags, quilts, painted folk art and we even made Kewpie Dolls.

In case you don't know what they are - Kewpie Dolls are dolls on sticks which are very glittery and have frilly dresses.  These were a trip down memory lane for lots of us from our own childhoods.  They were always something you came home with from a show/fair.  Believe it or not, we sold every single one.
We were still setting up in this last picture, the towel rail didn't stay up on the trolley.  The real challenge of the day was the wind blowing, we ended up having to tie up the stand with bags on it to stop it from blowing over.
We had incredibly positive feedback about the craft stall on the day and judging by the amount that sold, it was worth all the time and effort we put into it.  I did have the best salesman on the day, my wonderful husband! He was very enthusiastic and charming and had people buying things without hesitation - a natural sales person.  The objective of the fete is to raise funds for the school and it was great to be a part of that. 

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