Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Craft Market Projects

I know that I am always saying how busy I am, and it is true, believe me! Well a few weeks ago I was asked if I could take on co-ordinating the craft stall for our upcoming School Fete - how could I say "no" to something I love so much?  So of course I said ├┐es".  I probably did over-commit myself in the process, but this only comes around once a year and it is helping to raise funds for our school and my involvement is doing something I love - so not too hard really. 
Co-ordinating the craft stall means a whole lot of things, sourcing supplies and donations, making crafts and we are also running craft groups for school mums who can come along to help make things for the craft stall while the kids are all in school.  We start that next week, so I really need to get myself organized.  But for now, while we have been on school vacation, I have been making a few things here at home.
First up are these little babushka dolls which I made up from a drawing I did.  They still need keyrings attached and then they are finished.

Next are some ruffled tea towels - I love how they turned out - ruffles are amongst my favourites!

I do have quite a few other things I have made but haven't had time to take pictures of everything yet.  Over the coming weeks I will show you some more of the craft projects that are being made for our craft stall. 
I am still constantly searching the internet for ideas, so if you know of any simple, inexpensive crafts to make for craft markets/school fetes, I would be so, so, so grateful if you could reply and let me know.  I am relying on a team of helpers and I know that what might appeal to me may not necessarily appeal to someone else, so a wide variety of ideas is essential.

Above are some of my felt creations - chocolate and strawberry tarts and pancake stacks with berries and cream - don't they look great - and so edible!  If only!!! 

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