Thursday, 21 March 2013

Baby Gift Ideas

Today I thought I would share with you some more of my latest crafty ideas, all perfect for Baby Gifts.  I may be creative, but I don't always come up with good ideas on my own.  If you have read my blog before you may know that I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  It is a great online resource for connecting you with new ideas and often the original source of an idea.  I love it!  So these ideas I will share with you are a mixture of my own and some from Pinterest.
I often share with you about our Playgroup.  Yes I am biased, and I have been to my share of Playgroups over the last 15 years to have a few comparisons, but we honestly have such a wonderful group of ladies who come along to our Playgroup each week.  The group seems to easily attract new-comers because of it's friendliness.  The women have really emerged into a group of strong friendships, people who genuinely care for one another.  One of the things I love about them is their generosity and support for one another.
This show of support has been very evident this year when one of the ladies had complications with her pregnancy and delivered her baby at only 28 weeks.  It has been a long journey for this family, but they have received a lot of support and encouragement, people doing practical things to help, like making meals for them.  Well we were all very excited when this precious little baby came home last Friday to be at home with his family, after almost 11 weeks in the hospital.  Even more excited when he came along to Playgroup with his mum and other siblings.  There were lots of willing arms to cuddle this beautiful little baby!

We have a bit of a tradition at Playgroup over the past few years. When a new baby is born, everyone brings along a baby item to donate towards a gift parcel for the new baby. It can be as little or as much as people want to contribute, from a cute outfit to something as simple as a packet of baby wipes. Just all those things you need for a new baby.  I made up a nappy cake with all the small gifts.  It ended up getting a little lost amongst all the bits and pieces we had collected - but it is in there!   
Following on from my last blog entry, I was still in applique blanket mode when I had to make up this nappy cake gift, so I made up a baby blanket.  I have made up heaps of these in the past.

It's a nice personalised gift, soft and warm, just perfect for a new baby.

Here is another very cute idea I came across on Pinterest and decided to try make one up and see how it went.  Well it proved to be so easy, so I made up a few.  All this cute little baby is made from is a rolled up disposable nappy/diaper.  The hat is a newborn sock and the blanket is a baby facewasher. To add the finishing touch, just a couple of craft eyes attached - and you have one very cute little baby!  Because you are using a sock, you need to make two babies so that the recipient can then wear the socks. 

This is a cute way to package these babies up if you want to make a smaller gift.  There is a baby blanket/wrap folded up to make up a bed. The babies are partially covered to look like they are laying in bed.  Too cute!  Everything in this gift is very practical and can be used for the newborn baby - blanket, socks, facewashers, nappies and you can see I also added in another cute set of socks with this pack.  It was quite inexpensive to put together and I love that it is something a little different to what you usually receive as baby gifts. 

A little bit of creativity certainly can add some fun to gift giving!!

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