Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Loving Shabby Chic

My craft and decorating styles used to be very much country themes and colours.  My home was full of this for years and even though I still do like it, it is no longer the look I am so passionate about having reflect my home.
Trends definitely influence us all - in fact we are very much influenced by the availability of what we can buy in stores.  If you are creative, you have a bit more flexibility to incorporate your own sense of style and that is something that I really do personally enjoy.

In more recent years I have become characterized by my love of the colour pink.  I've always loved pink but used to be hesitant to use it in my home.  Now I am the complete opposite and go out of my way to buy things that are pretty and pink to enjoy and have around my home.  Pity for my poor husband and son!!

What I find myself drawn to now is the very pretty and feminine Shabby Chic style. 

Of course, perhaps the real reason I am partial to this look is because it incorporates a lot of my favourite colour - pink!!
We have a store not too far from us which is set up in a house and each room is filled with different themed items, but all Shabby Chic in style.  It is a store I can always go to when buying a gift for someone and be guaranteed to find something amongst the treasures they have on display.  Some of these pictures are taken from inside that store (with permission of course).
Some of their cushions were amazing!
Now this next picture is not from the store.  It is one I came across this so perfectly shows the look I love.

I love this room, to me it feels so peaceful and inviting. 

No, unfortunately this is not my home, I only wish it was!!  If I had lots of spare money I would certainly be tempted to copy some of the ideas shown here.
When it comes to craft and sewing, especially quilting, I have been buying more and more fabrics which are influenced by the Shabby Chic style too.

This mix of roses and paisley on a soft pink backgrounds is so pretty

This one is a Westminster Fabric - gorgeous rose bouquets

This fabric is from a range called "Celebration" by Lecien

This fabric is by Barefoot Roses - I particularly love the strawberry coloured background!

If you love the Shabby Chic style, you will love this website Miss Rose Sister Violet.

They usually have a stand at the craft fairs which come to our City twice a year.  I always visit them and fall in love with the things they have for sale.  If you ever have the opportunity of sitting in on one of their workshops, you must do it!  I had the priviledge of doing it once and they are very talented and inspirational ladies, who give you lots and lots of ideas to incorporate this style into your home decor, personal wardrobe and accessories.  Best of all, the ideas are simple and things you can actually go home and try for yourself.
Of course Shabby Chic doesn't just mean you have to have pink - I love the soft aqua and blue colours too.  Pink is just my own personal choice because it makes me feel happy!!

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