Sunday, 16 September 2012

Debbie Mumm Wallhanging

I have shared with you before that I am a Debbie Mumm fan.  I've loved her work and her designs from right back when she first started out in the world of quilting.   My favourite quilting fabrics were probably some of the more vintage prints, like the watering cans, the garden angels and the tea time themes.

One of the things I've enjoyed for a long time about the Debbie Mumm Website is the free projects listed.  If you click on the link you can take a look at what is currently on offer and also be sure to check out the archived projects.

There is one project which I really loved and I have actually made it a couple of times now.  It is a heart themed wallhanging, all made in the traditional Debbie Mumm country colours. 

It took me quite awhile to source and collect a lot of her vintage prints and build up my collection of basic colours.  I was so pleased with the finished result of this wallhanging.

I also wanted to make a quilt which used the same types of classic country colours, most have a striped pattern in them.  I did add in one extra fabric which is by another designer I really like, Teresa Kogut.  Her fabric was the one which has a combination of all the colours in the one fabric.  I was pleased with the overall effect and finished it off with a basic quilting design on the diagonal which gave a nice contrast.

If you read my last post, with all the shabby chic items, you can see how varied my style is!  I do love both the bold country colours and the soft, pretty feminine fabrics too.  The challenge is in how to display the things you love without them clashing - my solution is to have them in different rooms, that way I can still enjoy both.

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