Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Childrens Craft Book

We are frequent visitors to our local Library and for the size of the community we live in, we really do have a fantastic library which frequently gets in the latest books - the selection to choose from is quite amazing.

Like any other parent, I do try to encourage my children's love of books and reading.  Another part of their lives I really like to encourage is expanding their creativity, which means we often have books on loan for how to make a variety of things - from yummy cookies, through to handmade craft projects. 

On our most recent library visit we found another new book which I fell in love with! 

It is specifically aimed at children in the 7-11 year old age group and it has some gorgeous projects in it.

These little babies made using walnut shells are very simple to make and so very, very cute!

This necklace is made by constructing yo-yo's or suffolk puffs together.  These are incredibly simple to make, even for a beginner and when put together you have a lovely necklace. 

There are paper craft projects in the book too.  This one really appealed to the girls - we are cat lovers through and through in this family.

And aren't these paper flowers so beautiful - they would make lovely decorations!!

These projects I have shared with you are just a few that I picked out from the book.  Obviously there are lots more.  I liked that they were all projects which could realistically be made by the age group they are intended for, without a lot of assistance, if any is even needed at all.  As children get older they enjoy creating something by themselves, independence is imporant and gives them the ability to be creative without having to wait on mum, and there is definitely a feeling of satisfaction when kids have accomplished something on their own.  It gives them more confidence to continue trying new things and expand their creativity.

It's always exciting at our house when we find a great new craft book at the library!!  If you have any favourites you can recommend, I'd love to hear about them.

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