Monday, 16 April 2012

Zig Zag Quilt Designs

I must admit that I rather enjoy searching online for new quilting designs and my pinterest boards fill up fast with all the amazing things I find - not just quilts, but lots of other craft ideas too.  I have more ideas pinned than I will ever have the available time to make them in.  Does that stop me from still looking though?  Absolutely not!!

My new found fascination this week has been with zig-zag quilts!  Now this is something new which I have never even contemplated trying.

Don't they look great though!  I just love the colours and design combinations and find this simple layout rather pleasing on the eye.

Who knew you could achieve so many different looks using the same zig-zag design but just different colour combinations?  Well I guess all of us who know and love quilting really do know that this is achievable, but it is still nice to visualize these variations.  It really gets your mind going with the different colour options.

I have always been more into applique style quilting, but I am finding myself more recently enjoying piecing and going back to even some of the more traditional block styles.  This new discovery has me excited and even though I have two different quilts on the go at the moment, I am eager to give this a try and make a zig-zag quilt of my own.

I was so excited to discover a free tutorial here to make one of these quilts and even happier once I saw the pieces broken down and laid out, it is really very simple to achieve this look - something even a beginner could attempt. 

Perhaps I'll keep this idea on stand-by, ready for a rainy afternoon of sewing - that sounds so perfect to me!!

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