Monday, 9 April 2012


A little belated  ~  Happy Easter!

This year we spent our Easter break away camping with a few other families - all good friends from church.  It is always such a lot of work preparing to go away, but so worth it when you get there are realize how nice it is to get away from the usual daily routines of life - there is something very refreshing about being out in the open air, sitting around a campfire in the evenings with others and enjoying friendships.

The place we stayed at was just perfect, not far from Toowoomba in QLD.  The kids had plenty of places to explore, a dam to swim in and the younger ones particularly loved spending time with the animals.  They were allowed to join in at feeding time, take the dogs for walks etc. 

An evening treat was a ride around the property - this was a huge favourite with the kids too!

My treat during our time away was a little visit to the town of Highfields, just outside of Toowoomba.  First stop was at Abbie Lane to browse around the stores there - so much fun!

Next we went up the road to the Village Green which is another great place with shops to wander through.  I think I enjoyed this stop the most because this is where one of my favourite quilt shops is The Quilters Angel.

It was such a sunny day - my photos look a little dark which is disappointing - I was hoping to show you how amazing this store is!

I could quite easily lose myself in here for a few hours - the fabrics are beautiful and the sample ideas inspirational.  For me, it is one of those stores you walk into where you fall in love with everything you see.  Not many quilt stores do that for me, but this one truly does.

My weekend was not totally void of being a little creative - after all, that is the way I relax and enjoy myself the most - so I packed a little hand sewing to take along with me.

I made quite a few of these!  Something I am working on for another crafty project which I will share with you another time.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break too!

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