Sunday, 8 September 2013

Close To My Heart - Shop Online in Australia Now

I am super excited about the very recent launch of Close To My Heart in Australia.  Following the company's earlier introduction to the Australian market last year and the very positive response that received, CTMH has now officially launched their company in both Australia and New Zealand.  The great news for all of us is that it now means everyone has the opportunity to purchase and use the wonderful CTMH products!!

If you have never had the opportunity to take a look at any CTMH products, I invite you to click on the link here.  You then need to click on Products and from there choose the 2013 Products Launch Guide.  Then sit back and enjoy browsing!

CTMH provides quality products for all of my stamping and scrapbooking needs - both hobbies which I personally enjoy.  One thing I really appreciate about CTMH is it's affordability.  This is something which particularly matters when you have a large family.  I love to be able to enjoy my crafts but need to work within a specific budget to justify (mostly to myself) the expense.  It has been great to see how quickly my stamps and ink supplies have grown through CTMH products, simply because of affordability . . . not to mention the fact that I love the designs and colour palette.

My first introduction to CTMH was back in the late 1990's and they were one of the first companies which had co-ordinating papers, cardstock and ink pads.  I still have some of my original inks and they are still working fine.  They also had one of the most amazing collections of stamps available.  So you can see, my enthusiasm for CTMH coming to Australia is definitely well founded.

Here is an example of a scrapbook page and a few other crafty ideas made using the great pinwheels stamps which are available in the exclusive Stamp of the Month set for September.  This one is definitely joining my collection, look at the variety of sizes which you can place together to form a dimensional pinwheel.   I love the pinwheels and can think of so many possibilities for using them!!

Stamp of the month sets are only available for purchase for one calendar month and then they are no longer available after that. If you like this one, be sure you don't miss out.
I know that there are lots more products available to those of you who live in the USA and I am looking forward to the product catalogue expanding for Australia next year.  In the meantime, if you wish to shop online yourself, you can do this from here.  There are fantastic benefits if you are a serious scrapper or card maker, you may wish to look into becoming a CTMH consultant yourself.  Especially in the early stages of this being new to Australia, a great time to join.  Just ask me how!!

I'm off to play with some new stamps and create a few new card designs too ~ fun, fun, fun!!!


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