Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stamping & Handmade Cards

I'm back to share a little of my recent creative pursuits - which come in the form of handmade cards.

This is a craft I really enjoy doing.  It isn't hard to do and you really don't need to have a lot of supplies (although I must admit that I do have a lot!), but it really all comes down to your creative imagination and what you can do to transform a plain card into something which is attractive yet still serves a practical purpose.   

One of the very best things about card making though is that you can finish up at the end of a craft session with several cards to show for all your efforts. 

We have added a few new stamps to our family collection - a number of us share stamps together to keep costs down.  We had lots of single words (like "Congratulations") or short sentiments (like "Happy Birthday") but nothing more, so these latest stamps have little verses or sayings on them.  I must say I totally love them!

I wanted the sayings to be the main feature of these cards, so they designing is very basic.  I've done this particular one before but really liked it, so happy to make another for someone else.

Here is a slightly different variation using a different colour palette.

I just love the perfume bottle stamp!

A simple patchwork style card

Another card made using a variety of Washi Tapes

Not bad for an afternoon of card making.  I know the styles are all similar, but I figured if what I was doing looked good and it worked, why not stick with it and make a few cards.

So that is my latest collection of cards, all from an afternoon of crafting.  I wish I could do fun things like this every day!

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