Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Party Decorations

It's been a busy few days and I have been folding what seemed like mountains of white tissue paper! 

Last weekend we had a special Christmas party especially for the ladies and teen girls at our church.  The reason for all my tissue paper folding was to make some of the decorations.  The room we used isn't really like the old traditional church halls, as we have quite a new building, but it is a large open space and it can be a challenge to create a bit of atmostphere in a space like that.  Being a huge fan of Pinterest, and having already tried out some of the decorating ideas I have found on there, we decided the giant pom-pom flower balls would look great around the room.  So I folded and folded and then folded some more and this is what it ended up looking like when you looked up.  It was a big success and received lots of admiring comments.  Best of all, being white (to help create a white Christmas), it also will look great for an upcoming wedding and more Christmas parties.

It was a lovely afternoon and enjoyed by everyone.  One of the fun things we had set up was a cookie buffet full of Christmas shaped cookies, coloured frostings and a large variety of chocolates and candies - all for a fun activity of decorating cookies - a big success!
These little pearl candy balls were my favourites!!
Everyone also made a Christmas Craft.  This was the craft - a Christmas Tree made from Ribbon and Beads. This idea is courtesy of Pinterest found here. 

Once all the activities were over, we had a secret santa and also a delicious afternoon tea.  Here is a picture of my contribution.  I loved how it turned out and it was so easy to make - marshmallows on skewer sticks, dipped partially in melted white chocolate and dipped in either grated chocolate or sprinkles.  It made up a pretty flower posy for the table!  The gorgeous white pot is from IKEA.

I must remember this when I am next doing a birthday party for one of my children!!

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